Event Planning

Well-planned luncheons and trade shows are the central function of a successful association. We can help you deliver educational opportunities to your membership through effective event planning.

Board Development

Let us help your board function at its highest potential. Board meetings don't have to last for hours on end with little result. We can streamline your meetings for maximum effectiveness.


An association is only as strong as its membership. Providing relevant and timely education, in an environment that encourages active participation and learning, is key to attracting and retaining members.


No hidden charges

We'll give you a list clear list of services that we will commit to perform based on the needs represented in your association. Our contract price will include built-in hours needed to perform these tasks. No worries about being billed for hundreds of extra hours at the end of the year.

No Cookie Cutter Approach

Every state is different. And we can work with that. Tell us about your association... what you like about it, what works and what doesn't, then we'll move from there. Our approach is tailored to your specific needs, budget and membership size.


Next Steps...

We would love the opportunity to work with your association! Contact us today to discuss a detailed approach to handling the needs represented in your state.